Non Litigation

Non Litigation is the legal services we provide to Clients who need an effort to prevent or minimize the risk of loss in business transactions, in which the non-litigation efforts it plays a very important role.

Our legal services for Non Litigation includes:

  • The definition of Contract or Agreement can be seen in Article 1313 Indonesian Civil Code (ICC). Contract/Agreement can be divided to 2 types:

    1. Mutual Contract/Agreement:

    • Sell and Purchase Agreement
    • Exchange Agreement
    • Lease Agreement
    • Employment Agreement
    • Legal Entities Agreement
    • Granting Agreement
    • Deposit Agreement
    • Lending for Use Agreement
    • Loans for Consumption Agreement
    • Loans for Consumption Agreement
    • Debt Guarantees Agreement
    • Settlement Agreement

    2. Unnamed Contract/Agreement

    Unnamed Agreement is a type of agreement that is not regulated specifically in Indonesian Civil Code (ICC)), and it is developing with everyday business. For example: Consumer Financing Agreement.

  • Mediation is a win-win solution process of a legal lawsuit/dispute outside of court, with help from the Mediator as a referee for the disputed parties. The lawsuit/dispute referred to such as Debts Case and Business Disputes.

  • Legal Memorandum is a product of PRAYOGO ADVOCTEN in form of a summary from Legal Consultation containing legal advice to a problem of case based on the applicable law. Legal Memorandum generally contains only views of common legal basis, not to the stage of further examination of the problem.

  • Legal Opinion is a product of PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN containing legal advices given to a case or business interest with in-depth examination (due diligence), such as Investigation, Interview, and Document Auditing. After conducting close and in-depth assessment, we will give a Legal Opinion containing conclusion of the chance or the possibilities owned by the Client, to help determine steps and/or actions to be taken.


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