Legal Notice

Legal Notice is a form of letter addressed to somebody or legal entity that has violated your rights and legal interests. In principle the objective of delivering the Legal Notice is to warn the Party that violated your rights and legal interests to quickly stop their action. Legal Notice is commonly used in cases of Debt Payment and/or Breach of Contract, however it does not rule out the possibility of submission in the case of Act against the Law.

In our opinion, Legal Notice is enough to be given twice so that the handling of the case does not take too long. Therefore, the next step which is to take legal action can soon be done. The legal basis in filing Legal Notice or Warning refers to Article 1238 of Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Perdata/KUHPerdata ("Indonesian Civil Code/ICC”)

Here are several important points in filing a Legal Notice:

  1. Study the case first, and determine whether it is a Default or an Act Against the Law. Learn and understand the legal basis as well as the description of elements contained within;
  2. Learn the profile or background of the opposing party;
  3. State the opposing party identity completely and clearly;
  4. State your authority and your position in filing the Legal notice clearly and assertively . 
  5. Elaborate the incident which triggered the filing of the Legal Notice, accompanied with the legal basis. State your rights and/or your charge assertively and in detail accompanied with the time limit for the settlement.
  6. If you wish to settle it familially, state the schedule for meeting plan to be held with the opprosing party;
  7. Use good and correct Indonesian, easy to understand, and well structured sentences. If possible avoid any typos. 


We have the time and skills to help you with your legal problems. 

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The fee that we charge is always conveyed in the beginning before closing the deal with Legal Services Agreements, so that you will have more legal assurance.

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