Child Adoption

According to its legal definition under Indonesian law, Adoption is a legal act that diverts a child from the sphere of parental authority, legal guardian or other person responsible for the care, education and rearing of the child into the family environment adoptive parents. 

What is the legal procedure to be adoptive parents?  

The legal procedure for adopting a child is through a court proceeding in the authorized district court, after fulfilling a set of administrative and material requirements. 

If you are planning to adopt a child or children, we have the time and skills to help you to file your Child Adoption Application in the authorized district court.

As professionals in the field of Welfare and Child protection Law, we offer transparency and clarity in handling Child Adoption process in Indonesia.

The fee that we charge is always conveyed in the beginning before closing the deal with Legal Services Agreements, so that you will have more legal assurance.

Why Choose Us?
In addition to years of experience dealing with legal issues related to marriage and divorce, we are also known as a Law Office that offers Openness and Transparency in doing our job.
Our defense strategies are preferred and respected by our Clients, as they are accurate and effective, so you can save your time and the fee spent is not wasted.
Because to us, a great lawyer is the one that is able to maintain the trust and confidence that has been given by the Client. 
Agreements related to the handling of cases are always closed by creating a Legal Services Agreement, which contains details of the handling procedures of the case and the time period, including legal services fees required. Thus you will have more legal certainty.


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