Difference Between Merger and Acquisition

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Merger is a legal act that is done by one or more company to merge itself to other surviving company altogether which resulting in assets and liabilities of the merging company legally transferred, therefore the legal status of the merging company is liquidated (Article 1 No 9 Law No 40 Year ...

Investment Opportunities In Indonesia - Fishing Industry

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Fishing Industry  Indonesian marine and fisheries industry has growth rapidly over the last five years. In addition to its tendency innovative food needs of the middle class, Indonesia is the largest archipelago with more than 17 thousand islands that helped boost the industry. Characters islands and water which rich in marine ...

Basics of Bankruptcy Law in Indonesia

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A. What is Bankruptcy? According to Article 1 No. 1 Law No. 37 Year 2004 regarding Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations (usually called “Bankruptcy Law”). Bankruptcy Law is a specialized field of law created as one of the legal means for debts settlement. Bankruptcy shall mean general confiscation of all ...

How to Create a Legal Agreement in Indonesia

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Agreements are always used in our everyday life. There are a lot of business and non-business transactions that involve agreements. An agreement does not have to be written, it can also be made verbally. There are a lot of examples of verbal agreements in our daily life, such as when ...

Indonesian Law regarding Brand/Mark

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KEY LEGISLATIONS:   Law No. 15 of 2001 regarding Brand/Mark (“Law No. 15/2001”).   Mark shall mean a sign in the form of a picture, name, word, letters, figures, composition of colours, or a combination of said elements, having distinguishing features and used in the activities of trade in goods or services (Article 1 ...


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