What is Legal Effort?

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Legal Effort is a legal means given to every justice seeker (Justitisbelen) who are not satisfied regarding the judge verdict. Legal effort can be categorized into two types, Ordinary Legal Efforts and Extraordinary Legal Efforts. Ordinary Legal Efforts consist of Verzet, Appeal and Cassatie, while Extraordinary Legal Effort is Reviewing. Below ...

Can a Developer or Administrator of an Apartment Bills/Collects BPHTB if the Transaction Process according to Sale and Purchase Deed (AJB) is not yet Done?

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Article 1 paragraph (1) Law No. 21 Year 1997 regarding Tax on Acquisition of Land and Buildings Rights (Bea Perolehan Hak Atas Tanah dan Bangunan (“BPHTB Law”)), states that “Tax on Acquisition of Land of Buildings Rights is the tax that is charged for the acquisition of Land and buildings ...

Legal Action if Debtor Default

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Default can be defined as a failure or negligence by Debtor to pay his/her financial liabilities to the Creditor on due date according to agreements made. Legal Actions that the Creditor can took against the Debtor: Taking the peaceful way by deliberating and kinship approaching to achieve mutual agreement regarding the Debtor ...

Legal Actions if Consumer is Damaged

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Law No. 8 Year 1999 regarding Consumer Protection (“Consumer Protection Law”) regulates several settlement if there is damage caused by the Entrepreneurs or if there are disputes between the Entrepreneurs and the Consumer. Here are the Legal Actions if the Consumer is damaged: Settlement through court, as regulated in Article 45, Article ...

Legal Actions if Apartment Developer Bills/Collects Land and Building (PBB) Tax to Apartment Owners

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According to Article 14 Law No. 12 Year 1985 regarding Land and Building Tax (“Land and Building Tax Law”), the right to collect Land and Building Tax belongs to the Governor of the Level I Region and/or the Regent/mayor of Level II Region. In the event of collection of Land and ...


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