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Welcome to PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN Law Office.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and help you understand the legal services we provide.

Simply put, for us, clients have the right to get more. The client has the right to be treated with the highest level of honesty, confidentiality, respect and care. The client also has the right to know the specifications of fees and legal services to be provided, before deciding to use our legal services, with detailed explanations.

The main focus of our legal practice is in the areas of Litigation (Criminal, Civil and Commercial), and Non-Litigation related to Corporate Law and Financial Business, with working areas covering the entire territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

However, as a Full Service Law Firm, we also have expertise in the fields of Investment Law, Mining Law, Maritime and Shipping Law, IPR Protection, Immigration Law, Family Law, legal services related to company establishment and licensing, and other legal services.

We have helped many corporate clients since its founding, such as state-owned companies, shipping companies, trading companies, investment companies, F & B companies, and other business sector companies.

Although most are cases involving companies, however, there are not a few cases of personal matters that we handle. The types of cases are varied, starting from share ownership disputes, Brand and Copyright disputes, and legal matters related to marriage.

All of these cases were handled well by PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN Law Office team which is very experienced in handling various legal disputes and preventing legal disputes by conducting legal assistance in every business transaction carried out by the client.

In providing legal services to clients, we adhere to several key principles that we feel can define who we are as a law office and that distinguish us from other offices / law firms. We are sure you will soon find this belief.

We believe that law and justice should be accessible to clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Therefore, we at PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN Law Office always ensure that each client can know and keep abreast of the cases we handle, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We always make and submit written reports to clients regarding cases and jobs that we handle.

Our law office uses a digital case and filing management system, so that wherever and whenever we are we can work on cases and provide legal advice / advice to our clients.

In addition, our clients are also fully supported by all our team members who have extensive competence and knowledge in their respective specialties, and can work with all clients to provide honest, friendly and quality legal services.

We at PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN Law Office believes that law and justice should be affordable for all people. Therefore we strive to participate in realizing that.

Although there are inevitable costs when using the services of a lawyer, acting alone without the right legal counsel will almost always cause problems that are more costly and with unmeasured results.

To make your time with us more affordable, we offer a fixed rate / lumpsum arrangement, compared to the shocking hourly fee. In addition, we are always willing to provide free or low-cost consultations for those who are financially disadvantaged.

PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN Law Office will work with you to ensure you receive the best legal services without spending a lot of money.

Open & Honest
We believe that the principle of openness and honesty is our top priority at work.

It is our duty as Advocates / Lawyers and Legal Consultants to act as much as possible for the best legal interests of our clients, as long as they are within the legal corridor. When deciding to work with us, you will always hear the truth and complete and honest judgment, regardless of whether you agree or not.

With an amazing experience and track record, PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN Law Office can be your best defense line, although maybe not every case is intended to be won. However, you can depend on our open and honest judgment, no matter what. In return for our transparency that you may have never experienced before, we also ask our clients to do the same to us. Together, we will ensure success, in one way or another.

Thus that we can convey. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any further questions or requests regarding the legal services of PRAYOGO ADVOCATEN Law Office.


Greetings from us,

Daniel Dhanu Prayogo

Founder & Managing Partner



Phone: (021) 22959150; (0251) 8571252


We also can be contacted via WhatsApp, please click the link below:

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